BUBBLE at Comic Con Russia 2019
Our Team
We've had a wonderful time at Comic Con Russia 2019, and we sure hope that you did too. We had the coolest stand of the whole festival, and the coolest team as well - you can't argue with that. At Crocus Expo you could meet the employees of our office, members of the small, but very friendly BUBBLE family. Here, we'll help you get to know them!
At the sales section of our stand you had an opportunity to stuff your bags with comics. Here you were helped by the online store manager Misha Sazonkin, translator Nastya Nikulina, receptionist Vika Brad, accountant Sasha Smirnova, sales department staff Anya Minlekaeva, Natasha Ushakova, Denis Vafa, and Gosha Barsegyanz, and also a whole team of volunteers.
Anything and everything Major Grom themed you could buy at the Major Grom: the Plague Doctor zone, where you saw our head of digital-marketing Yulia Egorova and art-director Denis Popov.
In the BUBBLE Toons zone you could meet Sasha Bizyaeva, the head of this project, her team, who works on our cartoons, and the volunteers.
We had stable working cash registers at the sales stand and tablets in the BUBBLE Toons zone thanks to our gallant IT-department presented by Vladimir Kozhevnikov and Kost brothers Alexey and Alexandr.
The one running all over Crocus Expo taking photos was our targetologist Sofia Sandalova, and the one filming the whole ordeal was operator Andrey Cherednichenko. Our motion-designer Tanya Borisova was responsible for making amazing videos out of confusing snippets, and Andrey Denezhkin, the TikTok-manager, made sure our TikTok-channel never ran out of content.
Our editor Evgeniy Eronin was helping visitors at the Tad Stones' stand and at the presentation, while Roman Kotkov, our editor-in-chief, seemed to be everywhere at the same time. Artem Gabrelyanov, the head of our company, was the one leading the presentation of the movie "Major Grom: The Plague Doctor".
We just wouldn't be able to pull this all off and stay sane if it wasn't for our event-manager Dmitriy Sleptsov. And Maxim Galushko was the one responsible for the BUBBLE Studios events organization.
Big heartfelt thank you to everyone who came to Comic Con Russia 2019, who talked to us, who completed our quest, who was screaming with the crowd when the cast of Major Grom: the Plague Doctor was announced, who shook Tad Stones' hand, who ordered sketches from our artists at the autographs stand and the Authors Alley, to everyone who made it to Crocus Expo, really.
An even bigger thank you to our brave crew, who worked their legs off at the festival and is going to show up at work Monday morning. This is all because we love you, dear readers, and for you we'll do — well, may be not anything, but everything we can, that's for sure.
See you next time! That was so cool!