BUBBLE at Comic Con Russia 2019
New and Exclusive Stuff
We've been telling you about all the new stuff we prepared for Comic Con Russia 2019, and now it's finally available for purchase! The lucky ones who got to the BUBBLE stand at the festival are already hugging their unique and treasured copies of small and limited print-runs, as well as other releases that were lurking in the shadows.

And for those who didn't get to the festival and couldn't get their hands on all these riches — we've prepared a small photo report with all our new and exclusive comics in all their glory. Enjoy!
We should probably start with the most impressive book — The Crusade, the global crossover that ended the Realmwalkers series and started a chain reaction of many important events in the lives of other series' characters. We released this book with two covers — the main one, which is breathtakingly epic, and the variant one, filling you with bitter sadness.
Crossovers usually involve several series at once — hence the name. That's why along with The Crusade we also released the sixth volumes of Demonslayer and Allies, where you can take a look at this cold vendetta from another angle. We also compiled a new book from all parts of another story that basically started this whole ordeal — The Crusade: Wolf. Threads of fate.
Demon Yarkh, loved by many Demonslayer readers, had got his first comic series of six issues earlier, and now we made them in a book and released it with two covers: one of them was made out of a special paper so that you could order a sketch to be drawn by one of our artists right on it.
Just as the rest of our series, Demonslayer has a bunch more of wonderful characters, and two of them also got their own book. For this festival we released a story called Balor and Yana: Dreamcatcher, in which nightmare Balor and Yana, the young witch in whose head he resides, are forced to meet a long forgotten enemy.
We also didn't forget the series that had been closed off at the end of the last year. Now the final issues of Exlibrium and Meteora are packed into final volumes - just what every collector needs!
But the story of bookwizards is finally back after its hiatus: at this festival we were proud to release the pilot issue "Exlibrium. Second Life", not with one, not with two, but with five different covers! Two of them were dedicated to to Comic Con Russia 2019 guests, and one was the first ever Exlibrium blank, empty and ready for someone's sketch.
Igor Grom truly was the star of Comic Con Russia 2019. Not just because of our huge Major Grom: the Plague Doctor movie presentation on the 5th of October, but also because we got quite a few new releases with his name on them — all of them so cool that it's hard to choose where to even start.

Let's begin with the one that started it all — the first issue of Major Grom: The Plague Doctor. Just for Comic Con Russia 2019 we re-printed this issue with a new cover. You could buy it on our stand or get it for free after passing our face-melting quest.
And in the first issue of Major Grom: Like a War we're bringing back the 2007 for everyone who feels nostalgic. This is a story about the very beginning of Igor Grom's career - long before he became a Major. This comic we also had in two versions — with one of the covers drawn by Tad Stones himself! He turned Igor into a handsome duck with the iconic cap and jacket, and his famous enemy tried on an image of a vulture. The print run of this cover was truly smaller than small — that's an exclusive for you!
Igor Grom: Repeat after me, the fifth volume of the former major's adventures, is a terrifying story about a mysterious man who Igor seems to have known. Driven by his own beliefs, this man finds his way into children's minds and leaves only chaos and ruins behind.
This comic can be rightfully called one of the most unique and original; Major Grom: 1939 is a wayback machine that takes you 80 years back, to the time of Batman's creation, and transfers some of Major Grom characters back to USSR. This whole book is a perfect product of that time — starting with Alexey Gorbut's drawing style, manner of speech, and atmosphere, and ending with the paper the comic is printed on. This is a completely unique piece of work, which we also released with few variant covers.
One more message from the past — although a much closer one this time — the Arbuz magazine ("Watermelon", for those of you wondering). It used to be one of the most popular comic magazines for kids back in the 90s, but the financial crisis made it close down. We decided to give the authors of the magazine a chance to finish their ideas and see Arbuz off properly as it deserves. After all, there would be no BUBBLE without Arbuz, and this release is our way of showing respect to those who promoted the comic culture in the beginning and very possibly raised a whole generation of Comic Con Russia 2019 audience.
And, of course, the third book of Coats and Revolvers, the main cocktail of humor, magic, and detective cases on our menu. Nonsensical, fun, a little bit criminal, with warm slices of life and life-like emotions - that's what C&R is loved for by all its readers, and the third book sure didn't disappoint.
But comics aren't the only thing we brought to Comic Con Russia 2019. We also had a mind-blowing quest dedicated to Major Grom: the Plague Doctor movie, and a special BUBBLE Toons zone where kids of all ages, including those way over 20, could try themselves as animators and spend their time in a uniquely fun way.
Thank you for stopping by, and see you soon!