BUBBLE at Comic Con Russia 2019
It's always so wonderfully inspiring to see the characters that you created, wrote, designed, and showed to the world being loved and cherished. But it's even more amazing to see someone loving them enough to try becoming them. We met quite a lot of BUBBLE cosplayers at Comic Con Russia 2019, and it was nothing short of incredible. We'll tell you a bit about them — and about other amazing cosplayers making this festival unforgettable!
Let's start with Sergey Razumovsky. Cosplayers of this character and his inner demons frequently shined near our stand, mysteriously dropping black feathers on their way.
One of them was regularly seen near the Antichrist… A coincidence? We sure don't think so.
If Razumovsky is here — Igor Grom sure must be nearby! Here he is — the tough stare included. We also met his girlfriend Yulia Pchelkina later!
A lot of cosplayers decided to bring Demonslayer's characters to life. Look, here's Danila himself! Maybe just a tad bit younger. And Sneak's with him!

And here we see some Yanas — quite more than one, but each of them with their own Balor stuck in their heads.
Although we also found a few independent Balors!
Would you like to see the gorgeous Tanachia? We found her next to Razumovsky — and if you ask us, that's quite a dangerous combo right here!
Just look at this amazing Meteora! She got every aspect of her character right — try looking this girl in the eyes and not see the most reckless smuggler of the Galaxy! The bluest and the fuzziest Ziggy and our hockey bandits come included.
We also met the most wonderful and tender Lilia Romanova! How could she miss such a festival, really.
We're overjoyed that so many people love BUBBLE characters so much that they decided to cosplay them. We're also ridiculously happy that so many different people and characters from other worlds came to our stand. Here, take a look at our collection of some truly rad cosplay from Comic Con Russia 2019.
They are all so cool, aren't they?!