BUBBLE at Comic Con Russia 2019
We made sure to devote a whole section of our Comic Con Russia 2019 stand to comic signings. Wide desks, well-organized queues, AUTOGRAPHS written in big letters — we did everything so that this zone was as comfortable as possible for our fans as well as for our creators, who spent the whole festival gracing comic covers with their drawings and signatures.
Our signings stand worked every day from Thursday to Sunday. The first ones to start the show were Alina Erofeeva and Victoria Vinogradova, the artist and the colorist now working on the Allies series.
Next ones to take over were Natalia Zaidova and Maria Vasilieva, the duet that's currently bringing you Igor Grom's adventures with their striking illustrations.
On Friday at the first session you could meet three more of our authors — Alexey Zamsky, the writer of Igor Grom, artist Dzhamilya Zulpikarova, and colorist Natalia Martinovich. Both artist had worked not only on Igor Grom, but also on Exlibrium series.
Friday evening was dedicated to Anastasia Kim and Lada Akishina — the inseparable art duo that gave faces and appearances to so many Demonslayer characters, as well as illustrated a few spin-offs and other comic projects.
Saturday was hot and Saturday was LOUD. That morning started with the team that gave you Allies — Alina Erofeeva and Victoria Vinogradova, who had already been here on Thursday, this time were joined by the series writer Natalia Devova.
Same as on Thursday, Natalia Zaidova and Maria Vasilieva then came in their stead and continued to bring joy to the fans by drawing sketches and leaving autographs.
That same Saturday we loudly presented the cast of our movie Major Grom: the Plague Doctor — and sent all the freshly announced actors straight to the desk to sign some autographs and take some selfies.
Our Sunday began with Andrey Vasin and Artem Bizyaev signing session. Andrey Vasin had worked on Major Grom, Demonslayer, and Red Fury, while Artem Bizyaev had illustrated Igor Grom and Dima Dubin's spin-off.
Our artists out of this world, Andrey Rodin and Margarita Kablukova, who illustrated the ever so cosmic Meteora, took the stage — sorry, the desk — in the middle of the day.
And finally we closed the CCR 2019 off with one more signing session with Anastasia Kim and Lada Akishina.
During the whole festival you could also try and catch one of our wonderful editors and ask them for an autograph — they were usually more than happy to oblige. One lucky person even got a sketch of Bordj (with moving horns) from our editor-in-chief Roman Kotkov!
After all, we really do have the best team!