Greetings, dear reader!
Let us welcome you to the BUBBLE universe of Russian comics.
Our publishing house has existed for 10 years now, and during this time we were able to grow from a little humble production of graphic stories into a full-blown leader of Russian comic industry. In those years we've drawn more than 200k pictures spanning across more than 22k book pages. Just for an example, the amount of books published in one of our most popular series, Major Grom, is now well above a million.

Right now BUBBLE is a media holding made out of multiple departments publishing both a full cycle of series of our own and a variety of independent authors' comics.

BUBBLE Comics works along the BUBBLE Studios project which focuses on cinema production and adapting BUBBLE universe for the big screen. Our heroes also get featured in works of animation thanks to a collaboration with Soyuzmultfilm studio, the biggest and oldest Russian animation studio.

That all being said, we also take part in commercial projects creating advertisement products for members of various industries, giving marketing consultations and making merchandise. Thanks to rapid growth of our characters' recognisability, BUBBLE establishes partnerships with lots of companies whose products then feature our heroes.

We also pride ourselves in being annual participants of comic and/or geek festivals, both in Russia and abroad. That's including the worldwide famous one, ComicCon San-Diego, of course! For a few years now, we've also been organising an event of our own called BUBBLE FEST, which grows bigger every year and brings together more than 10k people in Moscow. The festival's guests routinely feature stars of western movie and comic industries, the stage gets alive with popular music artists, and partners of the festival feature major Russian and international companies.

Russian superheroes are so popular that BUBBLE's stories get translated into other languages by our international partners and are then published in Europe. A few years ago we also launched a special neural network that turns photos into comic book frames based on one of our most popular artists' works. The network is still learning and you can always help it by uploading your photo to Bubble Face: https://face.bubble.ru/en/

Our next ambition is game development and creating mobile and video games based on our characters and stories. We are also taking our first steps in the direction of getting our heroes to the world of cartoons and animation.

BUBBLE Studios, our movie division, was created back in 2015 when we filmed a short movie "Major Grom" all on our own and then presented it at the Berlin International Film Festival 2017. Right now the film is free to watch on YouTube. It won the hearts of Russian viewers right away, getting more than 3 million views in the first couple of days, and then was streamed on the main Russian TV channel.


That kind of popularity allowed the creation of a full scale movie which came to the cinema screens nationwide on April 1st 2021: the first ever blockbuster based on Russian comics, Major Grom: The Plague Doctor received high praise from viewers and critics alike.
Today the BUBBLE Universe consists of 14 highly popular series with various plots and characters, as well as separate compilations, crossovers, prequels, spin-offs and more, plus a separate selection of BUBBLE Legends, manga series, humorous books, and that's only scratching the surface.
BUBBLE comics can be bought in all major book-chains in Russia, but for our foreign readers and those caring about saving the trees our stories are readily available in our mobile BUBBLE app: https://x5n4e.app.link/bubble
Awesome content, monthly release of new stories and adventures, making our readers happy - all that is possible thanks to the big happy BUBBLE family. Each issue is created by a team of the best comic authors there are, such as writers, artists, letterers, colorists, editors and correctors. They are backed by the sales and marketing departments, along with IT-specialists - so that you can be promptly notified of new comics coming out, successfully order comics on our website, and order them abroad should you wish to.